SetUp McAfee Antivirus

In order to installed McAfee antivirus protection on your computer and better performance of your computer please consider these system requirements for best performance.

Windows Requirements:-) Windows visa , 7 ,Windows 8 ,8.1 or Windows 10 +Internet connection.

R.A.M:-) Minninum 2GB, make sure processor is fast enough

  • 1. Insert the CD into the computer and wait for 1 min.
  • 2. Now you will see McAfee setup pop up if not then go to computer devices.
  • 3. Look at your removable disc section, you will get a folder on your CD dreive.
  • 4. Please run the McAfee setup and follow the instructions of setup McAfee Antivirus. Do remember you can select language, country,custom settings as you wish.
  • 5. Agree with terms and conditions and hit on install.

After installation it will update the antivirus and setting from the internet. You can create a McAfee account to manage your billings and services. Please restart your computer and see it’s working now.

Call To Verify Your Product Key & Get Your McAfee Installed by Expert on 1-800-998-4538

MCAfee activation support : +1-800-998-4538

MCAfee helpline number : +1-800-998-4538